Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Puppies!

So, I was going to do a post about them, anyway, but as I returned from the days activities (church, picnic, running around with multiple soccer balls and proving that I am not in any way athletic), I was reminded how much pets are indeed apart of the family. I walked in, set my slurpee down on the table, and Thunder immediately reached as high up my leg as his little paws would go, as if to say, "ME FIRST!" then darted to the back of the couch in our "YOU'RE FINALLY HOME!" ritual. He sat there, quivering, until I made my way over to the couch and crouched down.

He's such a sweet heart. =)

But, first up is Grizzly. He's almost four(?) and thinks he's the king of the world - at least, our block. He's our evil chihuahua that everyone thinks is absolutely adorable until they actually get to know him. The only one who can keep a handle on his pure evilness is Mom, who happens to be his idol. Here's his questionare - he filled it out very begrudgingly.

Books:_ I don’t know. Definitely not anything involving dogs and tricks. The blonde female human gets all sorts of crazy ideas…
Movies:_ Ug. It's too much of a hassle to go all the way to the living room, unless, of course, Mom does.

Food:_ Hm… I would prefer anything brought to me on a silver platter, but since no one ever thinks of it… I guess human flesh.

Music:_ Music. Blech.

Hobbies:_ Sleeping, chewing on the younger male human, staring at Mom… the list goes on.

Animal:_ Hello? I am an animal. Favorite, right there.

Best Friend:_ Mom.

See what I mean? Evil... Thunder, on the other hand is the stupidest genius I have ever seen. I can't really prove the genius part... but he sure is adorable, in my opinion. He's grown a lot since the first picture way up there^ - he's nearly three now - but he's still cute. And very much a puppy.

Books:_ You mean those things that Charli’s obsessed with?

Movies:_ Hm… I dunno. I like the ones where Daddy laughs a lot.

Food:_ Anything that comes off the table!!!

Music:_ Britt Nicole! Alyx dances funny!

Hobbies:_ Playing outside – oh, oh! And chasing the little red light!

Animal:_ Humans!!!

Best Friend:_ Grizzly! (Grizzly says 'dream on, bud...')

And there they are! The pets of the family!

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