Saturday, March 30, 2013

He Is Risen

He was betrayed by a kiss. He was disowned by His closest friend. He was mocked for Who He was, beaten because He wouldn't defend Himself. He was found innocent, yet condemned to die. He underwent excruciating pain while people watched.

Then God turned away.

He was made to be one of us. He grew in a woman's womb, was raised by a simple man, limited by His flesh, and - though He was sinless - He took my sin, and was separated from God.


Jesus did not come to make my life perfect. Through this life, I will be betrayed, disowned, mocked, beaten, condemned, and finally, I will die. But because of His sacrifice, I am no longer separated from God - He will never turn away from me.

~Charli Rae |Job 39:19-25|

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Surprise Blog Break!

Did ya miss me?

Hey, don't be mad. It was a surprise even to me. It's been the lazy kind of hectic where I had plenty of time for blogging but just didn't feel like it. Plus, I've had nothing interesting enough for a post of it's own, but now I can shove it all in one post and be done with it!

What's been happening -

I got a job...
At a barn. Where they don't pay me. But I do get to be around horses and on rare fifteen-minute occasions they let me ride. So now I work up to seventeen hours a week at two very different barns and don't earn a cent.

Four or five unfinished sewing projects...
That you will probably be reading more about later. Like, June-ish. When I'll (hopefully) have them finished.

Ben's leaving in three months...
The day after graduation. He got accepted into Pensacola Christian College's work-study program, so he's their prisoner for the whole summer. And then he starts college. Without me. Yippee.

I'm writing on a schedule now...
Book-wise, at least. Right now I feel very smug because I'm two weeks ahead of schedule, but I can see the dark cloud hovering in the distance - the day when I can't send the chapter out to my readers and they all hate me and I feel like a slacker. Which I am.

Well, this is a lot shorter than I thought. There's gotta be something else...

I guess that's it. Huh. It feels like my head's screwed on backwards and I can't think at all, so I leave you with... four... pitiful... excuses. *ducks behind my desk* Don't hate me!

~Charli Rae