Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh, the joys of...

...full schedules.

Today, Friday -
BREAD DAY! =) I fill in my extra time on Fridays with making bread - normally it's French, but today it's cinnamon. *breathes deeply* You can smell it all over the house.
I also have an essay due that I've only written two paragraphs of, but it's about horses, so it should be no problem to finish up. But... it's my dad who's grading it. *cringe*.... Aside from school, I'm also editing my best friend Dani's manga, which I'd prefer to have done by Sunday, but we'll see. I only have chapters one and two,  and the story is gripping! She better have more! ;)

Tomorrow, Saturday -
Not a day of rest. We're headed up to Jacksonville for a memorial. Really sad... but we get to hang out afterwards with some dear friends that we rarely get to see, the Barbato/Moores, so it's not too much of a downer. Then we come back down to babysit for Parent's Night Out, which, oddly enough, is at the same place as worship rehearsal, so... we'll see how that works out.

Sunday -
Church! And I need to work on my sister's pants - we're going to a Halloween party next month and Alyx's going as a '70's disco girl. Unfortunately, we have no bell-bottoms, so she asked me to sew triangles into the sides of her jeans to give it the extra flare. I've started on them, but I'm super lazy, so I didn't get far. =P

Monday -
Guitar lesson, hopefully. The last two have been cancelled due to over-tiredness and sickness. =( And since the weekend'll be over... back to more school.

Tuesday -
School in the morning, but I've got Freedom Ride to look forward to! =)

Wednesday -
My resting day of the week. I've still got school, but nothing that takes me out of the house.

Thursday -
Math. I just took my first quarter exam and it's gonna get graded. D= I wish I could say I'm confident... but I'd be lying. But, I've got Freedom Ride again, so that's always a good thing! =)

And Friday again! I know it's kinda weird to start my week with Friday, but the blog desperately needed a post, and I was complaining that I'm too busy... lo and behold! A post idea!

Yeah, any-hoo, bye-bye! =D

~Charli Rae

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5 Reasons to Stay Far Away from Writers

We're scary. Plain and simple. But some of you might need to know why we're scary.

1. We're extremely controlling. You may have heard some writer rant on about how "my characters tell me how to write - they just want their story out there." No. They are our characters, we control their lives. We get confused when it doesn't work on you.

2. We love conflict. Without conflict, there are no good books. Evil glares, random screaming, dramatic storming out of the room (that's a hint for you to stop talking so the scene can end, by the way)... yeah, we do all that.

3. We're really convincing. It's our job to make stuff up and make you believe it. We get rather upset when you don't.

4. We think the worst. You know, that conflict thing again. You're going to the Rocky Mountains? Somebody's gonna fall....

5. We go through weird phases. Sometimes we're snuggled up in a chair with a notebook and snap at anybody who tries to take our attention away from our stories. Other times we want to talk your ears off about our new ideas. 

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of right now.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's a Jean Thing!

I go through sewing phases. When I first learned how to sew, it was pillows. I gave them to my friends for birthdays and Christmas, I started a pillow collection, I made them in hearts, circles, boring ol' squares, I even did letters for a few people. Then I went through the bag phase. I mainly did a front pocket cut around to include the back pocket and sewed part of the leg to the back, with a belt for the strap. And that started my obsession with Jeans.

The little bag above is one of my newer creations - front pocket on the front and back pocket on the back. I'm also newly obsessed with embroidery, so here's what the back looks like. =D

Here's a medicine case, made from the cuff and zipper of a pair of jeans and leftover embroidery floss from bracelet making.

This is my wallet. It's weird 'cause the top just automatically folds like that - no planning on my part. I'm considering sewing some clear plastic to the inside-back-thing right there --->

What do you guys like to do?