Friday, May 24, 2013

I'm the Evil Twin

So. I wanted to post something. Maybe because it's been a week since I last posted and the previous post was five days before that one and I finally feel dedicated to my blog. Or maybe it's just cause it's late and I'm bored but not bored enough to go to bed.

At first, I thought I lacked post-matter. I figured surfing through my old pictures would help, but it turns out my new ones worked better.

Ben's leaving in a few weeks. Sixteen days, actually. But probably less by the time y'all read this post. The idea of it is really starting to affect me - and I say 'idea of it' because when he goes off to Pensacola, I'll go off to Washington state... and it's probably not going to fully hit me until I come back to no Ben. And then it's gonna hit me like a train.

We threw a party for him on Sunday - a surprise party, not that anyone devastated-that-they-couldn't-come-and-just-HAD-to-tell-him-how-sorry-they-were-that-they-couldn't-be-there knew - but he didn't catch on until we wanted him to. ;) My parents were shocked that so many people attended. I wasn't. I know how much people love him.

Oi. But hey, when I do come back from summer vacation, I'll be coming back to a room that I don't have to share with anyone for the first time in my life. That's totally worth it, right?

~Charli Rae |Job 39:19-25|
{ps - i have a t-shirt that says 'i'm the evil twin'. people always think ben and i are twins.}

Friday, May 17, 2013

Snippets: A Maiden's Touch

Hey, guys - remember Liadyn? Well, she's back! I'm about a third of the way through her story now (hopefully a little further than that) and here's a sneak-peek into her goings-on!

Liadyn gradually became aware of the earth shifting. Her arm was pinned beneath her, skin tingling from restricted blood flow, and the pounding in her ears competed with a steady wooden clacking that rent the air. Her throat was dry and her thoughts muddled. With an effort she pried her eyelids open, but for a moment she didn’t realize that she had, for it was just as dark. Even when her eyes adjusted, she had no idea where she was.
You are under arrest,” echoed in her mind. But her prison was moving. Perhaps the execution would be held outside the limits of the capital so as not to subject the people to the sight of her gruesome corpse. But it was hardly fair; if there had been a trial, she was not aware of it, and how could they condemn her without first hearing her plea? Liadyn drew her knees to her chest and uttered a silent sob, for there was little excess moisture in her body with which to cry.
Tior was gone. She was a terrible person, leaving him all alone in the hands of strangers. Not that the poor boys had been responsible for the bizarre outburst, but the very fact that she hadn’t been there to control him, or at least witness the event and willingly make things right, weighed heavily on her heart. And now her horse was gone. They would have put him down by now, deprived of her insistence that the behavior was abnormal and he would never do such a thing without first being provoked.
And she never got the chance to say goodbye. Not to Tior, nor to her father, who would find her body in time and, after seeing the folly she had fallen into, feel vindicated for keeping her sheltered. She would never again happily give in to the spell that Gabby’s green eyes cast over her. Never again work her art in Taylan’s forge. Never again endure Amy’s stories or Haizea’s demeaning eye-roll, a trip to the market with Tanner or the painful process of brushing out Kimberli’s thick brunette curls. Never again see her family.

~Charli Rae |Job 39:19-25|

Sunday, May 12, 2013

We Went Cruising

On the Freedom of the Seas - from the deck of which could be seen the Disney Magic.

And were called the 'dream sisters' because we 'never fought in public'. (Don't laugh.)

And went snorkeling. Then had very interesting discussions about whoever came up with the word 'snorkel'.

And saw some beautiful weather...

...and some not-so-great-but-equally-beautiful weather.

And met some crazy cool kids, formed unexpected friendships, and had an amazing time. :)

{lydia, little matt, haley, miranda, big matt (or matt g), alyx, big riley, me, victoria, gavin, micayla, ben, adam (white shirt), big jake (neon shirt), and amanda (random girl running off the screen}

~Charli Rae |Job 39:19-25|