Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's a Jean Thing!

I go through sewing phases. When I first learned how to sew, it was pillows. I gave them to my friends for birthdays and Christmas, I started a pillow collection, I made them in hearts, circles, boring ol' squares, I even did letters for a few people. Then I went through the bag phase. I mainly did a front pocket cut around to include the back pocket and sewed part of the leg to the back, with a belt for the strap. And that started my obsession with Jeans.

The little bag above is one of my newer creations - front pocket on the front and back pocket on the back. I'm also newly obsessed with embroidery, so here's what the back looks like. =D

Here's a medicine case, made from the cuff and zipper of a pair of jeans and leftover embroidery floss from bracelet making.

This is my wallet. It's weird 'cause the top just automatically folds like that - no planning on my part. I'm considering sewing some clear plastic to the inside-back-thing right there --->

What do you guys like to do?


  1. Jeans made out of back pockets always made me think of people's butts. ;)


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