Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh, the joys of...

Exercise! But more importantly, sisters.
My sister decided a while back that she was going to join the air force. She's thirteen, so that presented a small problem... but she started looking around for some air cadet programs near our house. The one she found has their girls running a mile in under seven minutes. So she's determined to get into shape.

Here's what she looked like after the sit-ups. (Where was I in this? Holding down her feet and taking pictures. =D)

And she almost fell over after the jumping jacks. (What was I doing? Laughing my head off.)

And then we went running. (Notice; I actually said we there. I'm not completely lazy.)

But really I was just saying, "C'mon, soldier, pick up your feet!"

She was finally provoked to say, "Charli, I hate your guts, 'cause your guts aren't doing anything!"

And I laugh. 'Cause I know she loves me. ;)

~Charli Rae


  1. haha - she's so cute! =) you should do a post about your family.

  2. Bahaha... Tell Aly she's rather funny. :)

  3. Thanks, Kendra! And I've been considering it... :)

    And Ellie, will do! :D


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