Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meet my Family!

It's about time for a post, and since I couldn't think of anything else, I decided to get a jumpstart on the suggestion offered by Kendra over at Imagine; a post about my family.
Well, my family, with only seven members, is not one that people might assume 'too big' to fit into a post. But I think it is. I like short, to-the-point posts. So why am I going on and on about this? Beats me.

So, anyways - first is Dad. He's not very photogenic, so this is the only good picture I could find of him. =P

   Books:_ Mysteries, Suspense, almost anything really.

   Movies:_ Very little.  They don’t make good movies anymore...
   Food:_ Yes, please.
   Music:_ Country, Classic Rock
   Quote:_ “Honk if you hate noise pollution!”
   Hobbies:_ Reading, writing, eating
   Animal:_ Rhino (2 tons, run 35 miles an hour, can only see a few inches in front of them; they are a reminder to be humble and gracious)
   Best Friend:_ Your mother
   Job/Future Job:_ Writer

(Note - perhaps the 'only good picture' was a tad harsh. I've got a 
bajillion picture folders on my computer that I'm too lazy to go through right now. So I guess that says more about me than Dad, huh?)

Mom, on the other hand, I could find as the costar of several pictures. She doesn't particularly like them either, but hey, I had to get it from somewhere, right? fact, we're all kind of wondering where Alyx got her love of the camera.... Anyway, rambling again! 

Books:_ Pride and Prejudice, Zion Chronicles
Movies:_ Pride and Prejudice, The Princess Bride, The Man From Snowy River
Food:_ Pizza 
Music:_ Man From Snowy River, Dances With Wolves, Rocketeer
Quote:_ God does not call the Qualified, He qualifies the called. (than you Judy Jones)
Hobbies:_ calligraphy, piano, hiking
Animal:_ panda
Best Friend:_ Rob Swanson
Job/Future Job:_ Nurse, Pediatric Intensive Care

(Note - Rob Swanson is my dad, just in case you were worried.)

So, yep! Those are my parents! Couldn't ask for better ones!

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