Friday, October 21, 2011

Benjamin Lee

first, i have a few things to say. i'm not going to use caps at all in this post. you know, except for the part where ben comes and shares his life story. it's in his own words - right out of the email he sent me. second, i have some more things to say. diary of a wimpy kid scares me. now, that said...


i have the coolest brother in the world. be jealous. =)

[aww, he's so cute there! he's like, twelve or something.]
that said, here's some info that absolutely no one wants to know about him, yet i shall share them anyway.

Books:_ Chronicles of Narnia, Redwall Series, Percy Jackson Series

Movies:_ National Treasures, Captain America, Thor, Princess Bride, Lord Of The Rings, How To Train Your Dragon…

Food:_ Um… food?

Music:_ Christian, such as Phillips, Craig and Dean; Chris and Conrad; Fireflight; and Caedmon’s Call and in between.

Quote:_ “I love it when a plan comes together,” – Colonel John ‘Hannibal’ Smith
[no, this is not ben. but one day, he will drive this car.]

Hobbies:_ Writing and Sword fighting

Animal:_ Wolves, other types of wild dogs, Killer Whales (really whales in general), birds of prey, and red pandas

Best Friend:_ Josh Yandell

Job/Future Job:_ Writer/restaurant worker or owner/Marine Biologist/something of the sorts/or whatever I find myself in.

now, my thoughts... 
1) we share very similar book interests - only he likes action, and i like interaction. go figure. 2) as obviously shown above, his movie interests are very versatile. 3) he was really supposed to state what kind of music he liked to listen to, not list on and on and on, but so far i think i'm going on a lot more than he is.... 4) *sigh* you've gotta love that quote. or maybe not. you don't have to. like it if you want to. 5) is killer whale supposed to be capitalized? beats me. doesn't really matter, i guess, since i'm lowercase-ing a whole lot of supposed-to-be-capitalized words - and if i can do that, he can capitalize words that aren't supposed to be. 6) maybe josh should get his own blog post... hehehe.... 7) ben really needs to decide on what to do. maybe i should do a poll....

[ben and alyx <3]

anyhoo, i'm bored now. love ya, ben!

(ooooh, you have no idea how much i wanted to use your despised childhood nickname...)

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