Saturday, December 1, 2012

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Treeee...

Christmas isn't sneaking up on me this year. We've got carols blasting at every opportunity, the many sets of mismatched decorations are in their own special places, I don't have a great head start on getting presents together but I've got a decent plan, the tree's up and almost decorated...

Wait, the tree?! The Swanson's don't get trees. They only have the fake ones with pathetic plastic boughs and spattering of lights that don't come on half the time.

But here I am, breathing in the piney goodness. It's the best smell in the world after maple-frosted donuts.

Sorry the picture's dark, but that's the best my camera could get. It's a little lopsided. The star bumps the ceiling. The lights aren't symmetrical. All in all, it's not a tree you'll find in the magazines anytime soon. But it's a beautiful tree. :') Soon it'll be covered in all sorts of popsicle-stick/felt/foam ornaments we made a decade ago and should have thrown out then. Ah, memories.

~Charli Rae |Job 39:19-25|
(PS - On the topic of NaNo... I finished with a grand total of not-even-close. Ahem.)


  1. It's a tough thing to compete with the yummy aroma of maple frosted doughnuts...especially since that's only by memory, since we only enjoy this aroma when we're in Seattle, which is rare...

  2. Ah, that must be nice to wake up to the smell of pine. Oh, and by the way your tree still looks pretty nice. :)


  3. i know two boys (Landon and Aaron) who will not be at your house this Christmas season....


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