Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Resolutions Resolved - Part 2

11.  Become a more avid blogger.
—This depends on your definition of ‘avid’. While I don’t believe I’m an avid blogger, the key word in that phrase (at least, I’m taking it that way) is more. My posts (though not many) are more consistent and the Faithful Few has gained a few members.

12.  Memorize a Bible passage at least once a month.
—I didn't do one a month, but I did compete in the local Bible Bee, so I ended up memorizing more than I would have. Good/bad...?

13.  Read a book at least once a week.
—*cough*. Well, junior year was a bit harder than expected. Senior year... well, now I'm just lazy.

14.  Perfect an Irish accent.
—Though not perfected, it’s much closer.

15.  Write/video at least four skits for Purple Ninjas.
—Ha. Haha. Yeah…

16.  Talk to people that I don’t normally.
—I’m not really sure. I think I’ve gone through a bit of a personality change, so I’m not sure who counts as people-I-didn't-talk-to-in-2011.

17.  Write a song that isn’t stupid.
—Well, I did write a song (or at least part of one), but I’m not sure if it’s stupid or not.

18.  Spend more time studying – and  do well without guessing  in school.
—(Senior year, because I can’t remember back to junior). Economics was easy to study because I enjoyed it. Latin is proving more difficult. English lit is… meh. But I’ve got to convince myself that I don’t have to enjoy it to do well.

19.  Keep my areas of the house clean… and maybe areas that aren’t technically ‘mine’.
—Many people would disagree, because they only remember the messy days, but I believe that for the majority of the time I have become a neater person.

20.  And…  maybewearskirtsmoreoften.
—I can’t even count how many times I wore a skirt this year. That’s a pretty big deal for me. And the scary part is… sometimes I did it without anyone telling me to.

How did your resolutions go?

~Charli Rae |Job 39:19-25|

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