Monday, December 5, 2011

*Your Dreams...Come...True...*

Yesterday we spent the whole afternoon at Magic Kingdom and the evening at Epcot. Hence the matching shirts, Cinderella's castle in the background, and very messy hair (thank you, roller-coasters.)

We went on Thunder Mountain (of course), then tried something that I haven't done since... well, long before I could actually drive. Needless to say I did much better this time.

I got a picture of my dad, too - he had been looking around for me and his expression was fantastic when he found me... but the picture looks a lot less blurry on the camera screen.

We actually did the Haunted Mansion first (it was a bit of a letdown; it didn't make me jump once!). On this one, very strange, occasion, going through the line was actually more entertaining than the ride itself.
First there was a ghost horse...

Then there was a piano...

And though many of the tombstones were laugh-worthy, this one hit me hard. I never got the chance to apologize to the people behind us in line, though...

Then we went off to Epcot, where it was dark and, quite frankly, I forgot to take pictures. But it was fun. Now, thanks to the ride Soarin', I really want to go hang-gliding over a mountain. Or the ocean. Or the desert, it really doesn't matter.

Anyway, to conclude I'd just like to say that I enjoy random vacations so much more than vacations with reasons.

~Charli Rae 
|Job 39:19-25|

PS{and better yet, i beat ben to this post! ;)}

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  1. Very nice post!! Looks like you had lots of fun!!! ;)
    God bless!!


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