Saturday, December 31, 2011

20 things to do in 2012

1. Schedule things out with the knowledge that they probably won’t happen – just to test flexibility. ;)

2. Try out a new recipe at least once a month (just twelve; can’t be that bad, right?).

3. Completely restore the backyard to its former glory (assuming it had some).

4. Get a job. (Joanne Fabrics, a barn… Joanne Fabrics…)

5. Finish writing a book.

6. Sew a medieval dress.

7. Improve guitar skills.

8. Make impossible goals and be insanely surprised that they happen.

9. Train the dog to do something other than ‘sit’.

10. Sing in public without passing out or having a zombie-moment.

11. Become a more avid blogger.

12. Memorize a Bible passage at least once a month.

13. Read a book at least once a week.

14. Perfect an Irish accent.

15. Write/video at least four skits for Purple Ninjas.

16. Talk to people that I don’t normally.

17. Write a song that isn’t stupid.

18. Spend more time studying – and do well without guessing in school.

19. Keep my areas of the house clean… and maybe areas that aren’t technically ‘mine’.

20. And… maybewearskirtsmoreoften.

~Charli Rae |Job 39:19-25|

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  1. Happy New Year Charli Rae!
    Your list looks like a good one! :)


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