Saturday, October 20, 2012

4:12 Camp Out

Whoa. It's been a year already. And only 35 posts between. Boy, am I a horrid blogger...

Ahem. Well, I beg your pardon. Please do forgive me. I have pictures!

The first thing you need to know (or, at least, the first thing I'm going to tell you) is that during this three-day camping trip with my youth group I was on a team called the Turples. It's a silly name that I will not mention who came up with. Second is the competition between us and three other teams in which we involved ourselves in many (unfortunately for my poor aching muscles) physical activities. One of which was taking pictures.

Don't laugh. Just look. It was very, very physically involved. And mainly the reason I'm now sitting in a chair, unable to lift my legs up to cross them.

Anyway. The pictures. We had to meet certain requirements under a certain time. They're in the order they were shot, not the order on the list (which I forgot to get before we came home).

Team member in a tree

Entire team's bare feet

A peacock

Going down a slide all at the same time (from the top down: Kylie, Breanna, Rebekah, Danielle, Mira, Garett, Marcus - and me, behind the camera)

Using a vending machine

Giving a stranger a high five with the other team members giving thumbs-ups in the background

Having a wild west shoot out with another team - thank you, Elephants (see, we're not the only silly ones)

Doing handstands (Kylie, being the only one who could do a real one, took it upon herself to teach the others)

Jumping off a swing (bonus points for jumping the highest - yay, Marcus!)

Building a human pyramid (which those on the bottom layer did not appreciate)

{trying to} Make it look like the team is swimming in the lake

Two Coaches' eyes: one blue...
...and one brown (sorry for the non-flattering pictures)

Acting out a scene from a Coach's favorite movie (first to guess the movie in a comment wins - Breanna and Danielle are exempt from this competition)

The clavicle of David (our pastor, who wouldn't let us take the picture until we could tell him without a doubt what a 'clavicle' was)

Acting out a basketball play (bonus points for being the coolest - not sure how :P)

Spelling out 4:12 using team members' bodies

Five leaves from different trees

Having a stranger hold up a sign that says '4:12' (which doesn't show up on camera)

The inside of David's tent (which turned out to be a crazy hammock thing)

Fitting ten marshmallows in a team member's mouth


Scariest picture (lost, but we were close)

"I can't believe we all fit!" (it's a firepit - can't remember if we won or not)

Most Creative picture (won - I'll leave you to figure out the creativity in it)

~Charli Rae |Job 39:19-25|


  1. I didn't know we won Most Creative pic! Booyah!

    Also, the "spell 4-12" shot looks like some crazy contemporary dance, lol.


    1. You didn't hear Nora and Noelle? It was the only quick decision they made. :P

      And I thought we all looked tired. Except you. You looked like you're using Marcus as a diving board. :D

  2. There's always a longer wait for the Ladies Room! That will never change! :( Great pictures...looks like it was so much fun.

    1. can't see it, but the girls are all waiting for the men's room and the guys are waiting for the ladies room

  3. Here's hoping Turple wins!

    Also, have you looked at your revolver map recently? You've become more popular ;). And you have a view from Ireland.


    1. Omigosh I do!!! My life is now complete. I can be done with this blog now. It has attained all awesomeness possible.


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