Monday, November 21, 2011


{What she knows her blog to be:}

Unimaginative. Irregular. Dull. Stand-offish.

{What she wishes her blog could be:}

Inspirational. Original. Creative. Easy to relate to.

{Problems going from 'is' to 'will be':}

She's lazy. She's unadventurous. She rarely tries new things. She's hesitant to share things for fear that they will be scorned.

{Boy, does she have a lot to work on...}

~Charli Rae 
|Job 39:19-25|


  1. Hey girl :) Just thought I would tell you that I LOVE your blog and think it's great! So don't give up!! Your blog is great! It's not boring!! I think it's lovely!
    God bless!!!

  2. Aha... The blog was undergoing reconstruction. So THAT'S why my first comment to this post wouldn't take even though I tried to post it three times. Anyways, I just wanted to make the general point that this is your blog, Charli Swanson, and no one else's so if anyone has a problem with it tell them to go make their own. Then if they have something to say they can say it there. That may be harsh of me, but, oh well. Your blog is you, and it's fine. I actually do enjoy it. Does that mean I am boring and unimaginative? (I certainly hope not.) Change it only if it means letting yourself loose on it a little bit more. You're doing a good job though. No worries. ;)

  3. hey i am enjoying it. going backwards but hey. i will get to your first post someday, maybe :D and as long as i dont lose the web add. i will keep reading, and if i do lose it well opps. lol! i less than three you <3


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