Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why I Write

1| it keeps me sane.
My brain has this awful tendency to scramble itself at the worst of times. Sometimes all it takes to clear it is a pencil, a scrap of notebook paper, and the rhythmic strokes of forming simple words. Sometimes it takes more - listening to my Irish music, staring blankly at the laptop screen, grappling with the process of forming a coherent sentence.

2| it keeps me {in}sane.
When life gets boring or out of control, it helps to retreat to my dark corner where I can laugh like a maniac without being judged and live someone else's life that I can control with my fingertips. Like a puppeteer. A puppeteer with a keyboard.

3| it's my guilty pleasure.
There's that whole live-someone-else's-life thing. I can fake so much in a book - in Kaylie's life, I'm a superhero with an epic hoverboard. I get horribly seasick, yet through Ana I can pretend I'm a pirate. I've got the flexibility of a cow, but I've got my 'writer's belt' in tai kwan do. And I have an awesome car that can change its paint job with a click of a button because of breakthrough-technology nano paint, of which I understand just enough to write about.

4| it makes me feel cool.
I'm known as a writer. To be witty (which often comes across as obnoxious). To be good with words (even though I'm about as eloquent as a... as a... oh, shoot). To scribble something about medieval torture devices at the most inopportune moments. I'm also known to have pencils stuck in my hair. (but that's not cool at all. actually, it's kinda weird.)

5| it gives me a sense of purpose.
Maybe I'm not wasting my time sitting in this chair. Maybe I'm not a complete and utter failure for waiting to go to college. Maybe, just maybe, my books will be published someday and provide for the demanding lifestyle that I'd like to live. Or maybe just one person will read my maniacal, obnoxious gibberish and be touched by the message that God weaved in there without telling me.

~Charli Rae |Job 39:19-25|

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  1. Nice post, Charli. I write for those same reasons. We are a lot alike, minus the pencils in your hair. I hate pencils. They are unreliable at best. They become dull. Their points get broken. They represent all the things I don't want to associate with writing, including taking tests in school.


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