Sunday, April 28, 2013

4&1/2 Sewing Project #1

{click for a larger image}
{for a seamstress wannabe my terminology sucks, so thank goodness for pictures, 'cause i'd be at a loss to explain myself.}

1. What it was:
A silver-blue scoop-necked knee-length semi-gathered/wrap-around dress that looked pretty but, in my opinion, rather boring. Plus it looked better on the hanger than it did on me.

2. What it took:
A yard of cream-colored satiny stuff. Another dress from which cream-colored satiny flowers were removed. A yard of blue netting that gets sparkles everywhere. A whole lot of hand-sewing effort thanks to delicate materials.

3. What it is:
A silver-blue scoop-necked knee-length wrap-around with cream-and-midnight-blue accents that's a bit flashier and fancier and cheaper than any dress I could find.

4. What it cost:
Original dress - $10. Total cost - $27.

1/2. Where it goes:
Prom/graduation banquet. Then my closet.

~Charli Rae |Job 39:19-25|


  1. Charli in a fancy dress? I thought this day would never come. Hehe. :)
    That dress (and you) are gorgeous! Nice job!

  2. Well, now we have photographic evidence and a written confession that Charli Swanson did in fact wear a fancy dress.

  3. You guys are goofs. I can look pretty if I wanna. *sticks tongue out*

  4. Wooooo go char for finishing those final touches! You look beautiful! :D



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