Monday, April 16, 2012

"I'm Gonna DIE!"

I hear it all the time. Sometimes it’s in jest, but often the speaker truly believes that death is the only way their situation can get worse. Why is that?

Maybe non-believers have reason; subconsciously realizing that death will be much, much worse than life. But as a Christian (and an American), I really have no excuse - yet I often catch myself thinking it, even if I’m not dramatically spouting it aloud. God showers me with thousands of mercies every moment, and not to mention, I live in a land of incredible ease. So I skipped breakfast. Am I really starving by lunchtime? So my friends shun me, make me feel like a freak. Is the solitude really all that bad? So I stub my toe. Is the pain really bad enough to make believe I’m gonna die?

And that’s not even biblically correct. As Christians, through Jesus we have gained entrance into heaven. Death is fine, better than living here. For us, death isn’t a way for our situation to get worse; it means we can spend eternity with our Father. So really, in tough times, in pain, why do we say “I’m gonna die!” like it’s a bad thing? Shouldn’t we be saying “I’m gonna LIVE!”?

~Charli Rae |Job 39:19-25|


  1. That's a really good thought, Charli. I totally agree. It's easy to fear death, but when you let God consume your thoughts, then it's easy to eagerly await--well-- Life. You know, the real one that is to come. Here's a good verse to go with this post:

    "Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You" (Psalm 63:3)

  2. That is a very good thought like Karyn said. I do agree.
    I wish I could get out my thoughts better. I recomended your blog on google!:) by the way: It was so wonderful meeting you.


    Hannah K.

  3. Hey, that's a great way to think about it. We as Christians should really think of "dying" as "living"! I can't wait until I get to Heaven, can you?


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