Tuesday, May 24, 2011

'Ride and Road

Missed my second-to-last day at Freedom Ride thanks to a nasty cold. :( Hopefully I'll be well enough to go on Thursday (which I like better, anyway). It's not my last day - I'm just not going to be working through the summer. And why not?

'Cause I'm going on a road trip. =D

Now, on normal occasions, I wouldn't be so excited to miss a whole two months of Freedom Ride, but this road trip goes through a few important stops.

1. Missouri - friends recently moved there.

2. Nebraska - my great aunt!

3. Montana - Ellie!!! I've 'known' her for almost three (?) years, and I'm finally gonna get to meet her!

4. Washington - a whoooooooole lotta family. :)

5. Oregon - Canyonview Equestrian College! This is a special one; it's my dream college, and I'm gonna be there at a camp for a whole week (compliments of my grandparents :)) for my birthday!

6. Nothing really special on the way home, but a good amount of scenery. =D

7. Another out-of-the-ordinary thing is that my brother, Ben, is going to help out with the driving. We've been on plenty of road trips, but that's something we haven't done before! (And I'm not quite sure how I feel about it... :P)

And then back home. But my parents decided that I shouldn't volunteer for the summer sign-up - since I'll only be able to go the first two and the last weeks. Might as well take a break.

(By the way, I'd love to get pictures at Freedom Ride, but I have to have permission from the parents to have the students in the pictures, and sometimes the parents are a little hard to contact. =/)

Anyway, adios!

~Charli Rae

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